Who is in charge? Mr. Hair

Who is in charge? Mr. Hair

I’ve always found my hair kind of funny.

He was really curly when I was a child and then just became an undefined thing while I was growing up. People would tell me to brush it when I had already done it or would say that it looked perfectly straight while I had done nothing to make it that way. My hair was curly, wavy, straight, everything. He was the one in charge of our relationship: he decided what he wanted us to be. He was a living thing. And, boy, he was a moody hair!


Where I live, I can say that 70% of girls have straight hair – but not natural. Because of our mixed-races-History, most of the girls have wavy or curly hair, but they do everything to make it perfectly straight. Have you heard about the recent Jennifer Aniston and The Brazilian Blowout incident? Apparently she tried to straight her hair using some Brazilian chemicals and it all became a mess. Well, that’s sad. But what it’s even worse is that women here do not hesitate on using products are really strong. If it is straight, that’s fine. Ok, I can’t generalize things. I do see a lot of girls with curly that are really proud of it. And I think that’s awesome, because I’m one of them. But that’s not what most of people think here. Specially in professional environments.

I honestly don’t know how I ended up talking about hair in my country. I swear I didn’t plan doing it.

The thing is: I’m super-duper-happy today. My hair is totally curly and I’m loving it. I wish I could rock that green outfit, but I’m not as shameless as I used to be.

Crazy curly hair + seductive look in the eyes+ fierce Beyoncé body position + perfect timing wind blowing = seven-year-old Amanda.

I wonder if my hair was responsible for that great picture.

As I said, he was a living thing. I bet he suggested what to do to look that awesome.



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